SANGRÍA intents to consolidate an educational and cultural offering to eradicate illiteracy from traditionally marginalized communities of adults and children in the U.S., such as Latin, African American, American Indian and Asian American. The objective which each business purpose will achieve is providing literacy support to individuals and groups of prople who can not access to communicate, read, write and publish in English and/or in their native languages.

SANGRÍA aims to create new models to issue discourses, texts, and literatures that are alive in the U.S. Thus, the active literary instances–workshops, book publications and launchings, children book groups, discussion groups, study groups and so on–will become a popular and productive venue instead of an elitist activity.

By consolidating multilingualism in literature and other socially relevant texts and media, SANGRÍA offers a commitment to cultural openness, and it extends a social contract from the emergent languages of North America to its mainstream.

SANGRÍA aims to transform people who read into active translators between every language that is spoken in the U.S., even if s/he only speaks English.

The community of SANGRÍA PUBLISHERS lives and works in New York City, together with the community of SANGRÍA EDITORA living and working in Santiago de Chile.